New Album On The Way

It started with a move back to my hometown, Sacramento. There was something about going back to the place where music became my soul obsession and passion that really just ignited a flame in me to write and record. I feel like people have wanted me to pursue popularity and recognition for the past six years, I've been listening to a lot of people tell me what type of records I should and shouldn't be writing. But I've been chasing the music first and foremost, and been stubborn as hell with what I've wanted to do, the type of music I've wanted to make. I just haven't had much freedom to make it until now.

Enter Mindfieldsound. One of my closest friends and collaborators, this dude does it all. Plays every instrument and has what I like to call "the right ear" for music. There's something uniquely dope when two creative minds are on the same wavelength and appreciate the same intricacies and nuances of sonic composition and creation. And best of all, this is something we both love to do. Create, create, create. 

Shortly after my move, Mindfield and I discussed doing a joint project together. Something solely written and performed by myself, and produced and composed by Mindfieldsound himself. We began the process of just creating records, often late at night. Most days I found myself going to sleep just as the sun began to peek on the horizon and that little sliver of light showed in the window. I loooooove working late at night. For some reason the creative space seems to be open when everyone else is asleep, hence the album name "Don't Sleep". 

From the records we made, we chose six to be on this album. A little something that's short and sweet. They all encompass the message and album name. Don't Sleep. Don't Sleep on your goals and aspirations. Listen to your calling. Don't Sleep in order to accomplish those goals. Work hard and put the hours of focus and dedication into your craft. And Don't Sleep on me or Mindfieldsound. It's a culture. A mentality. A movement. We're just getting started.  

- JC