Autumn Leaves

Some songs start out as poems. Some days I like to sit and just write, allowing my mind to wander off away from the present moment and encouraging my imagination to bring fantasies and dreams to life. One day I'll be under the autumn leaves, and she'll be there.

Some are meant to enter life briefly
A stroke in a grandeur painting
A Vincent-then-go
But you're here to bring new color
A new feeling
Moments with you turn my palette dull to bold

And so I drink my coffee slowly
To soak in our conversation
I don't know if it's the caffeine
Or your thought-provoking reflections
That keep my mind racing
I'm chasing dreams of you and me
Slow dancing on the beach
I try to keep a present mind
Focused on your eyes
But I get lost in thoughts of sailing to paradise

These Autumn leaves and your beliefs
The chemistry between us leaves my heart beating
I believe you're free to be
All the things that leave me without reason
To doubt this moment in time

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